The City of Temple is proud to welcome Dan Kelleher as the new Main Street Manager. Dan joined the Discover Downtown Temple Team in October and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience.


Dan started his career in downtown improvement in his 20s working for a family company that restored and operated historic buildings in his hometown of Kent, Washington. He became involved in his local downtown improvement association and then he decided to run for a seat on his local City Council – he ran for office on a political platform of revitalizing his local downtown.


Dan was elected to the City Council, and then was later elected as Mayor and CEO of that same city – once again, promising to make further strides toward downtown improvement. His efforts were successful. By the time Dan finished his second 4-year term in office as Mayor, his downtown improvement efforts had attracted nearly $200 million worth of public and private investment into his city’s targeted 10-square block downtown redevelopment zone.


Dan chose not to seek a third term as Mayor, instead opting to focus his full attention to working on downtown restoration efforts in other communities. Since then, Dan has spent the last twenty years successfully leading downtown improvement efforts in cities in Washington state, Virginia, Kentucky and Texas.


One of Dan’s first objectives is to get to know the people of Temple. Please feel free to reach out to him and introduce yourself! He is eager to meet all of you! Dan can be contacted by phone at 254-298-5378 or by email at

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